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 AKA Chief

AKA Chief

Executive Chef - Isaiah Allen

He is a big energy in the exploding farm-to-fork and local food movement holding dual roles as Executive Chef and Farmer, and naturally deepening our purpose in caring and serving the best food possible.  Isaiah and his wife, Whitney, work alongside each other at their farm, Rocky Run Farm.  To balance his life as an Executive Chef, he spends mornings and off-days digging in the dirt and growing food to feed his family, sell at Farmers Markets, and prepare in The Eddy’s kitchen so that you may experience the wholeness of his work…all the while promoting similar efforts of other respectable farmers nearby through their presence on our menu.  He is a true talent when it comes to food knowledge and preparation, and very passionate about teaching others what he knows. His favorite dish of all time is a simple pasta cooked with proper technique and no more than 5 ingredients from the garden and garnished with some Chapel Hill Creamery Calvander cheese. 



General Manager - Paul Neubauer

Paul was born in Fredrick, Maryland and graduated from Penn State University in 2000 with a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, and a minor in Forestry—obviously all necessary schooling for working at The Eddy. He started working at The Eddy in May of 2011 because it was close to home and offered a fun job as a bartender with no responsibilities once work was over. Today, working many more hours than when he was bartending, Paul enjoys being a part of the Eddy family, helping the staff grow and develop as employees and more importantly, as people. His work at the pub continues to provide new and exciting challenges and enjoys the ever-changing aspects of restaurant work. 

Paul became General Manager in the spring of 2014. He and his wife, Kim, have lived in Saxapahaw since 2007. When not at The Eddy he enjoys traveling, photography and running.


Chef de Cuisine - Benjamin Gill

Benjamin Gill was born in Elon, NC and grew up exposed to southern and midwestern cuisine. At age 15, he obtained his work permit and began his restaurant career as a dishwasher at a local steakhouse, eventually working his way up to what he and his fellow workers viewed as the most prestigious station; the steak, rib, and chicken grill.  This beginning started twenty years of varied restaurant experience, becoming more and more attuned with often chaotic but exciting kitchens.   

Ben was always interested in culture, history, and food which resulted in his BA in Anthropology from UNC-CH.  However, in 2011, Ben made a choice to focus completely on the restaurant world, wanting to further appreciate the relationship between food, culture, and community and learn the advanced skills and knowledge needed for the creation of prepared foods.  Soon thereafter, a cook position became available in Saxapahaw, NC, where he encountered Chef Isaiah Allen and began to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible about all things food.

When he’s not at The Eddy, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife Natalia and his family, and perhaps finding time to fit in a book or two in the process. 



Sous Chef - Aaron Pratt

Aaron was born in Brevard, NC and began working in restaurants as a dishwasher at the age of 14, after quitting a filing job at his father's law firm. This distaste for a desk job persisted, and after a year at UNC Chapel Hill, he left school to focus on restaurant work full-time. Always trying new foods and techniques, Pratt's favorite thing to cook is whatever is in the fridge that doesn't have a home. After traveling to other restaurants to stage and continue his culinary education, the team at the Eddy and Chef Isaiah always welcomed him back with open arms. Pratt believes in the Eddy's mission to provide a meeting place with a focus on healthy, community sourced foods, aligns with his own sense of purpose. Dedicated to providing this cornerstone of heath to other, Aaron's favorite words of wisdom are "I am what I eat". He strives to provide a greater impact on the growing sustainable food systems around Saxapahaw. 


Front of House Manager - Allyson Cartner

Allyson was born in North Carolina and grew up as a military brat, traveling the world and becoming an extremely well rounded person. She has been able to adapt to any situation due to her strict military upbringing which she brings with her in managing the Eddy Pub. 

At 15, Allyson obtained her first job in the food industry while her father was stationed in Ramstein, Germany. She single handedly ran the local Air force base movie theater concession stand and claims to have increased sales of junior mints by nearly 50% during her time there.

Once returning to the U.S. Allyson enrolled at UNCG to study anthropology and English literature. As expected, she excelled in both of these fields, however as her studies concluded she realized that there wasn't much of a job market and she had essentially wasted a bunch of time and money and perhaps should have studied computer science instead. After a couple years of "exploring the local bars" she decided it was time to make some serious life choices, she wasn't getting any younger. She moved with her dog and fish tank to Carrboro and immediately procured a job managing a restaurant on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. She was happy there for a time but then came to realize that she longed for the "village life" that she had known while stationed overseas in Europe.

She stumbled upon the village while heading to Snow Camp to do laundry at her parents house and a couple months later (still in her early to mid 20's, mind you) she purchased her first home in Saxapahaw and permanently put down roots.

Allyson has now been at the Eddy for a little over 6 years and somehow still hasn't gotten tired of it. Since joining the Eddy team she has met and married another local Saxapahawian and they had their first child together in 2017.

Currently her favorite dish at the Eddy is...all the desserts....the baby wants them. If she has to pick an entree it would be the rice bowl- she eats that everyday...and also blames it on the baby. Currently, Allyson's hobbies include cuddling with animals and hoping that kittens will lick her cheek. She and her husband also have a small farm which you can find on Facebook at Gnarly Rooster Farm.


Front of House Manager - Ethan Lesperance

Ethan was born in Redbud, Illinois in 1989. Shortly after graduating from high school, he joined the United States Air National Guard where he worked for four years in the commercial kitchens for the Air Force. Much of his responsibilities were to maintain healthy bodies and minds for hundreds of airmen per day. He still works as a fitness monitor, overseeing the health and wellness of fellow airmen.

Ethan first visited NC in 2011 to reconnect with his first cousins Allyson Cartner and Eric Gill. A few months later he moved to an apartment in Carrboro and secured a job at the Eddy Pub. He purchased his first house in Saxapahaw in 2012. 

Lesperance has worked on and off at the Eddy for the last six years between jobs ranging from Buckner Heavylift Cranes as a crane tech and for local contractors as a carpenter. He considers himself a jack of all trades, master of none. 

In June 2017, Ethan was promoted to the management team joining the ranks with his cousin Allyson and working with sister Kayan and brother of Allyson and cousin, Eric Gill. 

Ethan began working at the Eddy out of necessity but found what it truly means to a part of a community and family. He attributes his learning and growth to his experience here. His favorite Eddy dish is the burger, with no substitutions except maybe adding some of the house-made pimento cheese to his house-cut fries. 


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