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(noun) ˈe-dē plural eddies 1 a: a current of water or air running contrary to the main current; 2: a contrary or circular current (as of thought or policy); 3: a resting place on the river



The Eddy Pub was born with the intention of being a central gathering place for the community of Saxapahaw. We have used stories and artifacts of those who have come before us to create a space where everyone can feel at home.  


Eat Together

Our menu features food from many local farms and a style that is our own version of "Pub food" ranging from southern comfort to European bistro. We are committed to using the highest quality nutrient rich ingredients; no GMO's, chemical free and organic when possible, our proteins are always antibiotic free and hormone free and our fish is sustainably caught/raised. We believe good food eaten in a comfortable place makes us happier people.


Friday’s Special: Chicken and Seafood Gumbo with rice


our Culture

We believe in working with a culture of care and respect for all. As it was always a goal for The Eddy to feel like “Saxapahaw’s living room” it's as much a goal for the teams of staff to feel more like a Family than simply workmates.  We feel very honored to have the opportunity to work alongside such great people for whom we have great respect and care.  Our community, our family, and our projects make this work worthwhile.


Special  Events

Food is our connection to community. We host a number of special events geared towards bringing people together, from weekly live music events, to pub trivia, to special dinner events including Beer Dinners - paring local beers with local food, Harvest Dinners - preparing a family style meal direct from community farms, and Vegan Dinners - a twist in preparing delicious vegan dishes, Wine Dinners, and even Wine vs. Beer Dinners - all of which allow you to come together around a table to experience something truly "of this place."

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Private Events


As a community, we celebrate together around a table with food provided by neighboring farmers. We are dedicated to using the healthiest and most sustainable foods possible, which is most often directed by our farmers and what the season provides. All of our proteins are antibiotic/hormone free, NC sourced, and raised in happy environments. We invite you to gather with our community and celebrate with us.